Saturday, July 30, 2011

Natural Hair Lightening: Honey

For a long time, I've always wanted to dye my hair! However, my parents were deeply against the idea and still are. They think my hair will fall out early! (We all know this isn't true, but parents will be parents...) So, I've been trying to find a method that would naturally lighten my hair.

We've all heard of lemons for lightening hair, but the acidic acid in lemons is extremely damaging and if that stuff gets on the roots of your hair while you're outside, you could be putting yourself at risk! Not to mention, lemons will lighten Asian hair to a copper/brassy red color. So, lemons were thrown out the window!

So then, I stumbled across honey! Honey has hydrogen peroxide which is the main ingredient that we want to lighten hair without bleach. Add honey with cinnamon, and you have yourself a win-win mixture. Cinnamon and honey both have crazy benefits for not only your hair (great for hair loss), but for everything in your body! (Acne, immune systems, colds, etc.)

Here's an awesome video from AndreasChoice:

As soon as I saw this, I ran to the kitchen and got out everything I needed to make it! With a little more research, adding cinnamon to the mixture will give Asian hair a brownish tint (rather than the dreaded brassy colors!)

Mix mix mix...

I use grade A honey (liquidy version) rather than raw honey and Pantene conditioner. Then, I wait for it to develop and apply to dry hair! Some say it's okay to apply it to damp hair too.

Now, as for the waiting time, the times vary...Andrea suggests 30 - 40 minutes. Others suggest 1 - 2 hours. Even more suggest up to 8 hours!!! So in the end: keep it in for as long as you possibly can stand it. LOL. After 5 times (after 10 for people with jet black hair), you will see some sort of result...

I have natural Asian hair. (Super duper dark brown/borderline black) I'm in the trial process right now, so I will update if my hair actually does lighten or not! =) This method seems promising.


  1. WOW! Im waiting for the result! XDD
    this seems promising! hoho

  2. haha my parents said the exact same thing about my hair falling out! I dyed my hair aways... xD

    I remember I was about to use lemon... but then didn't because my hair is quite dry/frizzy naturally but wow I didn't know honey could lighten your hair!
    Can't wait for the update (:

  3. @Cominica: I knoww. I'm really excited to see results!

    @The Vain Girl's Palette: Yeah, I was about to use lemons too, but I did more research it seemed too drying! I will definitely update in August! :)

  4. What a natural way of hair lightening~ love it!

  5. Wow this is a great way to lighten hair =D

  6. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Please do update us! I would love to try this out myself

  7. Now, I have to try this. Thanks for sharing! I thought lemons were the only solution but this is GREAT!

  8. Wow, sounds promising! Now I really want to try it!