Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hair Lightening: Hydrogen Peroxide

Hi sweeties! :)
So, if you've been following for awhile, you know I've been trying to lighten my hair steadily without using hair dyes. Well, before I used honey to lighten my hair because it has hydrogen peroxide and yes, I did see some results after 6 usages, but I was getting impatient so I decided go straight to source...
I just used a normal bottle of 3% H2O2!

So some things about H2O2:
- Disinfectant; great for surface stains
- Mouthwash!
- Insecticide for your plants
- Bleaching product
- Skunk odor remover!
- Great for cleaning

So, with its bleaching properties, it's not as harsh as real bleach because it lightens your hair slowly. After using H2O2, I have felt no difference in hair texture. My hair is the same as before. :D

What I do is I put H2O2 into a spray bottle, and spray my hair until its partially damp. Then I wrap it around into a high bun, put a plastic bag over my head, and then put a towel over that to keep in the heat. Very effective!

And now, for the evidence!!!
The bad news:
If you use hydrogen peroxide too much, you might promote gray hairs! The natural H2O2 in your body is the reason you get gray hairs in the first place. Don't worry though--as long as you don't use it often, you will be fine! (I don't have any gray hairs after using twice. XD)

w/ Flash

W/ Natural Lighting
I look more tan in the after pic because my orange sweater is reflecting off my face. :'D

W/ Artificial Lighting
You can see that my hair color turned out a dark brown indoors, but under natural light/sunlight, my hair looks a terrific brown! It is definitely a brown you can notice even in the dark. :DDD
Overall, I think H2O2 might be the calling for dark haired girls who want to go a tad lighter without too much change. I will definitely start using hair dyes though because I'm definitely afraid of grays! :') However, this has been very effective at lightening my hair! Definitely worth a try, but remember, don't use this method too many times!
Hope this helped you loves! :)

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